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Refund or exchange for anyone who paid for Workshop in Morrow Bay and then was unable to attend.

I am setting up this page to offer possibilities to anyone who is unable to attend the workshop in Morro Bay after having paid for it.  In the past when I was doing workshops in San Diego, or Gilroy or any of various other places I have offered them, I had this disclaimer on the info page for signing up for the workshop.

"Advanced registration is non refundable but can be applied to a later Intensive or exchanged for phone counseling and/or books, MP3 downloads, audiobooks, and subscription areas of"

This was necessary to protect myself during a time when my finances were really tight, so that I wouldn't have to give cash refunds to people who didn't show up, or couldn't attend for some reason.  I didn't put such a disclaimer on my page for the workshop in Morro Bay, because it is only $25 and so it didn't seem as necessary.  My financial situation changed somewhat this year as I documented in this blog post, and I will refund the $25 after the workshop to anyone who doesn't make it - and doesn't want to wait to come to the next workshop.  I am also offer the following options to getting a refund to anyone who is interested.


Next Intensive Workshop

Attend a future workshop in Morro Bay (I am not planning any at any other location for the foreseeable future right now) - the next one is now scheduled for December 1st, 2019 at Coalesce.


A Book

Get a copy of one of my books, either Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in The Light Book 1 Empowerment, Freedom, and Inner Peace through Inner Child Healing 


Romantic Relationships ~ The Greatest Arena for Spiritual & Emotional Growth on this sale page I have these books - both of which have a retail price of $27.95 offered for $10 off retail plus shipping (of $7.20 which is now $8.00) so $25.15.  I will send anyone who paid for the intensive and couldn't attend one of these books as a refund.


Also on that sale page, I offer the MP3 download of the digitally remastered version of the original recording I made of Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls "An Audio Spiritual Experience" for $25 (normally $37.)  This is also available to anyone seeking an exchange as a refund.


Subscription Areas of Joy2MeU website.  There are two subsciption areas of   

Joy2MeU Journal  

This Journal turned into:  "a body of work in a password protected part of the site where Robert is publishing the story of his Spiritual Path (11 part), a ongoing personal recovery journal (58 installments - final installments in 2004), and portions of his Trilogy (14 Chapters of a Magical, Mystical, Spiritual Fable) and Attack on America (11 Chapters) books not available on regular Joy2MeU site."        Information Page and Table of Contents

Dancing in Light

The content that I have chosen to make a part of this Dancing in Light component of the site, is some of the most revolutionary and controversial perspectives on metaphysics, spirituality, and enlightenment.      Information & Table of Contents

The two subscriptions are for sale on this page for $25.95 - you can choose these 2 for refund.

Telephone Counseling

"What I do is not traditional counseling, it is more directive in that I am going to be teaching you how to own the power to change how you relate to your self, to life, and to other people by helping you to understand your own internal process from a new perspective and learn how to set internal boundaries so that you can change your patterns and take power away from the old tapes and childhood wounds.  So, what I normally like to do is take the 2 1/2 hours or so (a brief overview of what I cover in my  day long Intensive Training workshop) to help you understand both the wounding and recovery process from a new perspective that will empower you to stop feeling like the victim of your own thoughts and own feelings and learn to set internal boundaries." - Special Offers for Life Changing Phone Counseling

A normal hour session is $70 - but I have package deals that can lower the price to $45 per hour.  The lowest normally available price for a single hour session is $59.95.  But I will offer an hour phone session to anyone who wants a refund because they couldn't make it to the Workshop.

“My goal in working with people is to empower them to be in-dependent. To teach people how to have internal boundaries so that they can separate the messages coming from the old tapes and old wounds from the messages of intuitive Truth from their Spirit - so that they can start learning how to relax and trust their Spirit to guide them. . . . The telephone counseling has proven a wonderful venue for being able to help individuals to see where they are at on their own personal path with some clarity and compassion - from people who are just starting recovery to people who have been on a healing, recovery, spiritual path for many years.” - Robert Burney

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