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This is the page of the Joy2MeU2 web site of codependency counselor, inner child healing pioneer, Spiritual teacher Robert Burney - who is the author of the Joyously inspirational book of Spirituality: Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls.

I posted my Working the Third Step - ASKing for Help page on April 28, 2023.  The Updates that followed it are listed below.  The latest one is Miracle.


Working the Third Step ~ ASKing for Help

"When I was in treatment getting sober I was in a city I hadn't lived in for 20 years.  I had no car and was going to be living with my brother who lived on the outskirts of the city when I got out of treatment.  I was scared that I wasn't going to be able to make it to meetings and went in to talk to my counselor about it.  He said, "You ask for rides."  "Oh no," I said. "You don't understand I never ask anybody for anything."  "Well," he said, "that is what working the third step is all about."  "Asking for rides?!?!" I said incredulously.

I thought he was crazy.  How can asking for a ride be working the third step?

Well, it is.  I needed to learn to ask not only a God I didn't trust for help - but also to ask other people to help me.  That was horrible for me.  It seemed like such a huge risk.  If I asked people for help that would give them a chance to reject me - and I had had enough rejection in my life, thank you very much!"


"During Saturday there were times when I couldn’t stand - and couldn’t walk when I did stand. Sunday morning I sat on the side of my bed trying to get my body to stand up for an hour - and when I finally did, both feet were shaking intensely and I couldn’t take a step. I ended up postponing Part 2 of my workshop that was scheduled for that morning. I didn’t eat all day because I couldn’t walk - I couldn’t make it to the kitchen.

Finally at about 8 pm, I managed to get into my desk chair and was able to roll into the kitchen to get something to eat. I have never felt so helpless and powerless in my life. I have never imagined feeling crippled - and I did not like it a bit. It was a nightmare!!!Working the Third Step ~ ASKing for Help

"In twelve step recovery I learned that being willing to ask for help was necessary for me to learn and grow.  And that by asking for help, I was giving another person an opportunity to be of service - so that by being open to receive help, I was actually giving them the opportunity to give to me.

In recovery I learned that in giving - sharing my experience, strength, and hope - I received the gift of being able to stay sober one day at a time.  It was working a twelve step program that taught me that by giving I was receiving - that giving worked to make my life better." - Metaphysical Law: Giving and Receiving

Part 2 of this page got really long - it is a History of me ASKing for Help.

"Anyone who is familiar with me and my writing will not be surprised to hear that the second part of this web article got really long. It is the History of my work/book and ASKing for help  - a history of how Eskimos and Angels helped me to keep my book in print and my website going.  Here is a quote from that page:

“I believe that the book I was given the privilege of writing - Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls - is one of the most important books in the history of humankind.


I believe that I have been guided to understand this dance of human life - and been given the gift of communicating my understanding - on a level that has never before been revealed.  I believe that the planetary conditions of polarity and reversity that I talk about in my book, are conditions that have never been understood previously - and that the mystical understanding and healing paradigm that I was guided to develop are unique, revolutionary, and a blessed gift from The Holy Mother Source Energy.


In other words, I am here stating that I believe that I know and understand some things about Spiritual Truth and human dynamics that no one else knows - to my knowledge.  Certainly that no one else understands and can communicate in as simple and practically applicable a method as I have been guided to discover.


If I am suffering from some kind of psychotic break and grandiose delusions, it sure does feel good.  It has transformed my life.  In sharing it with others, I have found that it seems to help them to be more Loving to themselves and to relax and enjoy life more.   I am offering you an alternative perspective to consider - take what resonates with you, what works for you, and leave the rest.”  - History of my work/book and ASKing for help

Part 3 was posted on January 17th 2024.

"I am in desperate need of Help.  Rent is not paid. Cell phone about to be turned off. I am on the verge of having a lot of money coming in, if I can get enough to get out of the immediate hole I am in.  Anyone who can invest $500 or more, will be paid off five fold within 3 months.  I need around $5000 right now to turn things around.  And I also need smaller amounts just to buy groceries and gas and such.  Darien paid the electric bill to keep it from being turned off.  You can imagine how that made me feel. :-(  (He is being paid by the VA to be my caregiver - which is the only way I made it through the chronic pain and disability from the arthritis - and is working at Albertsons also - his first job. He has been paying me $100 a week in rent - so he used January's rent to pay the electric bill.) 

I am all emotional as I write this. I have faith in my Higher Power - and as I talk about in part 2 of my asking for help article, it has been my Higher Power working through Eskimos and Angels (Working the Third Step) on my email list and Facebook that have made it possible for me to keep my book in print and my website up and available to anyone who finds it." - Update January 17th, 2024

Part 4 had to do wuth a Dream I had February 9, 2024. 

"Last night I had a dream where $7000 showed up in my Venmo account.  I hope it was a message about what is to come - like the dream I had back 1995." - Update Dream

I am posting Part 5 on April 19th, 2024.  Update ~ Miracle

"My Spiritual Path has been full of miracles.  Often my High Power sends me messages that seem insane to me.  My reaction is like from this article about my miracles. 

“No way, Jose!” was my response. . . . . .This is a pattern with me and the Universe – I get a message and I say “Are you crazy – no way!” But eventually, as a message keeps getting repeated over and over, eventually I surrender and say, “OK, but you’d better take care of me.” - The Path of one Recovering Codependent ~ the dance of one wounded soul: Miracles

"I just have experienced a new epic miracle.  For some reason the last couple of months have been one of the driest periods in terms of money coming that I have experienced since I first went online in 1988.  I have gotten deeper and deeper in debt. Until I was 3 months behind on my rent.   The rental agency had no choice but present me with a 3 Day Pay or quit Eviction notice." - The Miracle 

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"I freely share so much information on my site because - as I say in the article above - I believe it is my Karmic Mission in this lifetime.  I want to share the Joyous message and the precious information that I have discovered - and it is what I need to do for my Recovery and Spiritual Path.  It is not such a great strategy when it comes to finances however.;-)  So Donations to the Cause / Love Offerings / Spiritual Tithes are always appreciated if you feel my sharing has helped you in your Healing / Recovery process and on your Spiritual Path. If my writing has helped you remember Truth that brings you some Joy and inner peace, and your Spirit moves you to send some Love back my way - there are donation links here." -  Metaphysical Law: Giving and Receiving


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