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Universe!!! Please Manifest $5,000 or more in my life now!!!!

The third part of my Asking for Help page that I posted about 4 months ago got really long. It is the History of my work/book and ASKing for help  - a history of how Eskimos and Angels helped me to keep my book in print and my website going.  There were two times when the Universe kicked down $5,000 miracles for me that were milestones and turning points in my Recovery Adventure / Spiritual Path.


"By the later part of March (1995) I was in dire financial straights and very discouraged.  My credit cards were maxed out, my car needed some work, and I had borrowed money from a few people.  One Friday morning I woke from a dream seeing the image of a check in my hand.  I didn't remember the dream - just the image of a check.  It was for $5,104.68 or some such odd number.  I don't remember exactly.  I guess by that time I had figured out that I needed about $5000 to get even, get back to Taos, and get started back up there - with a place to live and all.

That afternoon I snapped.  I raged and cussed at God.  I yelled something to the affect, "You promised you would take care of me.  You blankety blank blank blank, how could you betray me like this.  I am just doing your will - doing what you told me to do.  Now I need $5000 just to get even and I still need $20,000 to publish the book."  And I cried quite a bit because I was really hurting - feeling abandoned and betrayed - and feeling like I had made a huge mistake.

The next afternoon there was a CoDA meeting - and one of the people who was doing a group with me called to ask if she could talk to me after the meeting.  I said sure - and then was hoping and praying that she would at least consider the time I would spend with her counseling and pay me the $25 I charged for a session in those days so I would be able to eat over the weekend.  That was how bad it was by then.

After the meeting we stepped outside into a little patio / smoking area, and she handed me an envelope.  I opened the envelope and was confused by what was in it.  It was a cashiers check and I had never seen one before.  It took me a few seconds just to figure out what it was.  As it started to sink in, I looked at the figure on the check - it was for $5,000.

The first thing I said was, "It's not for the right amount." - because it didn't match my dream.  Can you imagine being destitute, having someone hand you a cashiers check made out to you, and saying "it's not the right amount."  I think, it is safe to say, I was in shock." -  Leap of Faith ~ Publishing The Dance  This page tells the story of how I was able to publish Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls - and how I was lead by the Universe to let go of old programming so that I could surrender to asking for and receiving help.

“It was the gift of $5000 from someone who had been touched by my writing - and wanted to align herself Karmically with my message - that made it possible for me to move back to Cambria in September 2000 and rent the garage apartment that I lived in until I moved in with my partner this past July.  I did the majority of the writing on my site in that little one bedroom apartment here in Cambria - this place that I feel emotionally and Spiritually nurtured and inspired.” - Joy to You & Me and Joy2MeU Update

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Help!!!  On August 25th, 2023 I am broadcasting a call for help to the Universe.

I need help in paying my rent and my end of the month bills in a week - and in being able to stay here at least until my medical issues are under control.


Here is a brief recap of what has been going on.

"Update 8/3 - Just was able to take a shower, shave for first time since last Friday. I was looking pretty scruffy. It feels like I am taking a risk when I step into the shower these days. I have only taken 3 short walks since my birthday - not mobile enough on other days. I have gotten August rent and end of the month bills paid. Hoping Universe manifests for this next month.

Anyone that can come to my workshop: or buy some phone counseling: or books: would be greatly appreciated. Links for donations are below. I am finally seeing a rheumatologist next week. . . . .


. . . . I am grateful that I will get at least one more month in the place I am living now - and that hopefully I will not have to go into assisted living.


On May 4th I went to the Emergency Room at a local hospital because of the severe pain I had been experiencing for several weeks. On April 27th I posted a page on which I asked for help: Working the Third Step ~ ASKing for Help - in which I explained what was going on with me medically and financially. On June 20th I went to the Emergency Room again - and was there for 7 hours. The doctors - and I have way too many doctors in my life these days - still haven’t figured out exactly what is going on. I have an appointment with a rheumatologist on August 9th - almost 5 months after I was referred because there is only one in this county. Hopefully he will be able to get this under control. One of the hardest things is that I never know when I go to sleep at night what will be hurting in the morning.


I am so grateful for all the support and love that people have sent my way. Thank you!!!


I am again going to work the third step and ask the Universe to respond to the Affirmations I make in my Daily prayers and Affirmations.


“I now have enough time, money, wisdom, and energy to accomplish all of my desires.

Financial Abundance is flowing into my life easily and effortlessly, freely and abundantly.

Large, rich, lavish, opulent, financial surprises are now manifesting in my life and I AM grateful.

A sum in the hundreds of dollars, the thousands of dollars, the tens of thousands of dollars, perhaps the hundreds of thousands, maybe even the millions has, or is about to, manifest into my life to support my healing, my journey to self-Love, my work and my mission” - Robert's Daily Prayers and Affirmations"

8/25/23: So I did finally see a rheumatologist on the 9th.  He thinks it is rheumatoid arthritis although one test pointed to the possibility of lupus. He ordered extensive blood work - 16 vials of blood, new record for me - and x-rays of my hands and feet as well as a bone density scan.  Hopefully he will come up with a diagnosis and be able to prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication to get whatever is going on under control.  Meanwhile my regular doctor suspects there was a drug interaction going on and has taken me off 4 medications.


I haven't had a disabling period where I couldn't stand up or walk for about a month.  Most of the problem lately has been in my hands.  The first half of last week the pain in my left hand was in the 9 to 10 range.  This week there is pain in my hands and knees and feet - but it is a more tolerable 3 or 4 pain level.  It is still draining to be in chronic and I don't have much energy for anything.  My grandson is staying here with me which is a great blessing.

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Anyone who is familiar with me and my writing will not be surprised to hear that the third part of the Asking for Help page that I posted  article got really long. It is the History of my work/book and ASKing for help  - a history of how Eskimos and Angels helped me to keep my book in print and my website going.  I always have to fight off shame and guilt for asking for help - and messages that I am a failure and a loser - but eventually I surrender and reach out for help - and that made it possible to publish my books and keep my websites going.  And I know that hundreds of thousands of people are experiencing more Joy in their lives because of my work.  Joy & Love to You & Me - Robert Burney 8/25/213

Thank You!!! Blessings Upon you!!!

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