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Standing up to evil - and Accepting the Divine Plan


"I was terrified beyond description the first time I gave this talk in June of 1991. It seemed as if emotional memories of what it felt like to be stoned to death by an angry mob were assaulting my being. I went ahead with it anyway, because it is what I needed to do for myself. I needed to stand up in public and own my Truth. I needed to own the Truth that I had come to believe in, the Truth that worked for me to allow me to find some happiness, peace, and Joy in my life. I found that other people found Joy and peace in my message also.” -  Author's Foreword from Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls

(Quotes in this color are from Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls)

I first did the talk that was to become my book Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls, in June of 1991.  Part of the reason that I scheduled that talk is because of the message that I had gotten in August 1988.


“In the summer of 1988, I went through an inconceivable experience which was a recreation of some events from a past lifetime.  In that lifetime, I had been a coward who did not stand up to evil.  In August of 1988 I was given a chance at redemption - an opportunity to stand up to evil.  (Definitely a good news - bad news situation, a black cloud - silver lining type of opportunity.)  The message I got was that in this lifetime - in order to settle the Karma from that and other lifetimes - I was going to have to be willing to stand up in public and speak my Truth.  I needed to be take responsibility and be willing to speak my Truth even if everyone in the world thought I was crazy.” - Leap of Faith ~ Publishing The Dance   


In all of the years since 1988, I believed that I was settling the Karma from that past lifetime, by speaking my Truth in public - and writing it for the public on my websites and in my books - about Codependence as the Human Condition.  When the Pandemic hit, I started doing Zoom workshops and giving the people who attended PDF copies of my book, as a way of trying to insure my legacy in case the covid took me out.  I believe that the Truth that I share in Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls, is an understanding beyond anything previously revealed - or anything that has since been revealed.  I thought that this was in a way, a completion of my legacy - and probably the last chance I would get to stand up for the Truth as I understand it.


It had never occurred to me until just recently that there might be another way that I would need to speak my Truth in public and stand up to evil - an opportunity that has been caused by the political conditions in the United States and the World here in 2020


In this article, I am going to talk about the Human Condition and the Planetary Conditions that have dictated the evolution of humanity  - and I will be explaining how in my perspective those Planetary Conditions have been impacting the planet this year.  First of all however, I am going to including a declaration I posted on Facebook on Sunday October 11th - a declaration I wrote to call out the evil that is embodied in Donald Trump and the vile, toxic poison that he and his minions have subjected the world to in this crazy year of 2020.


On October 11 at 7:18 am I posted:  A vote for Donald Trump is an act of Treason


A vote for Donald Trump is an act of Treason


Donald Trump is coming unhinged.  His mental health which was never good, is rapidly deteriorating.  He is terrified that he will lose the election and end up going to prison for his lifetime of grifting, fraud, and theft.  He is laying the groundwork to steal the election with his lies about mail fraud - and has sabotaged the US Postal Service from the inside with the person he appointed to run it.  He is counting on right wing white supremest groups to violently interfere with the election.  If you vote for Donald Trump, you will be a traitor to the USA.  You will be committing an act of treason in aiding and abetting the overthrow of the US constitutional government.  You will be supporting a coup de t’etat attempt to set up a fascist dictatorship in the United States.


If you are a patriot, do not betray your country by supporting this pathological liar.  This narcissistic, sociopathic bully - racist, sexist, fascist, rapist and crook.  He does not want to make America great, he is destroying the American. He will not agree to a peaceful hand over of power - that is treason. 


And if you call your self a Christian, wake up and recognize the Donald Trump is the personification of the antichrist. He represents the opposite - 180 degrees the opposite - of the message of Love that Jesus carried.  If you vote for Donald Trump you will be spitting in the face of the teachings of Jesus.  You are committing blasphemy by supporting this personification of evil.


Donald Trump is a racist - and is using racism to divide and polarize the people of this country.  If you support Trump, you are a racist.  You are saying that racism is acceptable - which makes you just as racist as if you were wearing a Ku Klux Klan robe.


If you are supporting Trump, if you cannot see Trump for the lying, insecure, narcissistic bully that he is - you must have some kind of trauma bonding issues with an abusive parent.  He is throwing temper tantrums like a spoiled toddler.  How can you not see that???  How can you choose to be so unconscious as to not be able to see him for what he is?


He is not a decent human being.  Anyone who supports him is calling into question whether or not they are a decent human being.  I have started unfriending people who post supportive posts for him.  In the past, I just unfollowed people whose posts I didn’t want to see any more - but about a week or so ago I stared unfriending people.  


I am disgusted and appalled by the number of people who are so blind with hatred and racism, and stupid, ridiculous conspiracy theories that they would support this megalomaniac who is trashing the constitution and trying to establish himself as American Hitler.  I could not possibly be friends with anyone who supports this emotionally crippled lying narcissist.  Please unfriend me.  I will unfriend you.


I am writing a longer article about what is happening in the world today - and how it is a manifestation of Codependence and the Human Condition that I wrote about in Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls -  but this declaration is a part of that longer article, and I wanted to get it posted.  In 1988, I got the message that to settle the Karma I came into body in the lifetime to settle, I had to be willing to stand up in public and speak my Truth - no matter if the whole world said I was crazy.  I will talk about that more in the article I am writing - but today, October 11th, 2020 I am declaring that this it my Truth!!!


With wishes of Joy & Love to all of the Magnificent Spiritual Beings in body at this moment - with prayers and hope that those of you who are unconscious and blind will wake up soon!

Robert Burney 10-11-2020

PS: Here are are some memes I have reposted in my story in recent days that I really resonate with.  Please take note.


The reasons that I started unfriending people are primarily twofold.  One is that your willingness to accept that the way Donald Trump treats people is okay, tells me that there is something deeply flawed in your relationship with your self and other human beings.  If you are okay with his cruel, narcissistic bullying of other people, then you are not someone who I can possibly be friends with.  I will pray for you, but I can't possibly trust you.

“Many things are up for debate these days.  But whether white supremacy has a place in our society is not among them.


“Agree to disagree” is reserved for things like “I don’t like coffee” or “camping is the best.”  Difference of opinion is for stuff like “I don’t like sushi” or “the t-shirt you are wearing.” 


Not racism, homophobia, and sexism.  Not human rights. Not basic human decency.  It is not just a difference of opinion, it is a difference in morality.”

The second is that you can't hear me anyway.  This meme that I pulled off of the internet quite awhile ago, kind of sums it up.


Nasty Reactions 

The reactions when I first posted the above declaration were resoundingly supportive or very nasty.  People who had been on my friends list for years called me an idiot and worse.  They told me that I was deluded and that voting for the democrats would turn our country socialist or communist.  They thought I was stupid to not know about the Satanist New World Order, or the Covid Conspiracy, or the evil of Bill Gates.

There are so many ridiculous conspiracy theories out there these days, but this whole "the virus was engineered as part of a conspiracy to make everyone get vaccinated with tracking chips so that they can track us" - is maybe the most ridiculous (except for the QAnon insanity.). We are tracked already - they don't need to vaccinate us.  All I have to do is buy something on a credit card and an ad will show up on Facebook the same day.  (I ordered an HP print cartridge from Walmart today (10/30/2020) - in 2 hours there was an ad in my Facebook feed for HP print cartridges.)  It is already possible to track us if they wanted to do anything more than just try to sell us things.

Yes our government has lied to us in the past.  Yes, the system as it has evolved is really screwed up in many ways.  I have been appalled by it since I got old enough to see how it really works,


"First of all, I hated the injustice I saw in the society I grew up in.  I am deeply offended by a society that can justify not just homelessness, but so much of the population living in poverty while a small percentage of the population has more money than they can ever possibly spend.  The rebel in me used to get enraged at the callous disregard for individual human rights and dignity created out of the belief systems that underlie capitalism.  (My rebel still can get pretty angry about it, but I have released a lot of rage over the years.)

It is, of course, not just capitalism that can be so cruel.  I believe that it is the patriarchal nature of human civilizations that has created such heartless societies.  Women, who because of the gift of being able to bring life into this world, are naturally more heart connected and innately inclined to have more respect for the gift of an individual human life than men.   (Of course, the ultimate cause is the illusion of separation and the planetary conditions of polarization and reversity that I talk about in my book.)" - Joy to You & Me and Joy2MeU Newsletter 10-20-00 Part 2


“We live in societies that are only a few generations removed from the belief that children and women were property.  And not much farther removed from so called "civilized societies" that saw nothing wrong with slavery and genocide.


Human beings have been being abused in all ways, including emotionally, by the belief systems of Patriarchal, Spiritually hostile (hostile to the idea that we are all connected and have equal Divine worth), emotionally dishonest civilizations for many generations.” - Emotional abuse is Heart and Soul Mutilation


I spent some time being an armed revolutionary in 1973 with the American Indian Movement.  I had an FBI file over an inch thick that started off stating that I was being investigated for trying to overthrow the government.  I was quite proud of that at the time - and still think it was pretty cool actually.  

“He got involved with the American Indian Movement in the spring of 1973 during their occupation of the village of Wounded Knee in South Dakota.  He left graduate school and went to South Dakota to fly an air drop of supplies but the siege ended a few days after his arrival.  He remained actively involved with AIM for the rest of that year and had an extensive FBI file compiled on him for his active participation in revolutionary activities against the government.  During this time more than a dozen of the people he was closely involved with were killed or went to prison.  It was only through divine intervention on several occasions that he survived to return to graduate school.” - Biographical information about the Author


My involvement with AIM was a perfect manifestation of my codependent black and white thinking.  The Native Americans had been wronged grievously and it was right to fight for them.  I could track my movements for almost a year through reading my FBI files - because there were so many informants and undercover agents making reports.  At one point while staying in a guest house in Beverly Hills - the house of the wife of a famous actor (whose son was about 5 at the time and became a famous actor himself later) who supported the movement - I had gotten my horoscope done for the first time by someone who was hanging around the movement.  The astrological reading was really weird and I found out why when I got my FBI files - because this undercover agent had gotten my year of birth wrong.

At some point I had an awakening of sorts, and realized that there was no one involved in the revolution that I would want to run things if we won - and that if I stayed involved I would end up dead or in prison.  So, I detached from my involvement and returned to graduate school.

One of the things that I saw clearly from this experience, is that the government doesn't have it together enough to pull off a great conspiracy.  The complexity involved - as well as how many people would have to be quiet for years - makes it seem insane to me to think that the Moon Landing could have been faked,  I know that the Earth is not flat.  I think maybe there was a conspiracy involved in JFK's assassination - although not one that involved government agencies or officials acting in an official capacity.

There have, of course, been conspiracies of various kinds in the past - and possibly now - but I do not believe that the terrorist attack of 9/11 was some inside job that was staged.  It is really stupid to me, to think that the school shootings were staged in order to try to take people's guns away from them.  If someone was willing to go to that length to try to take away 2nd amendment rights, they would have done it by now. I don't believe that there are conspiracies involving 5G or Covid or Bill Gates.  I certainly don't believe that Donald Trump is fighting a battle against a secret group of pedophile / Satanist that are part of some Deep State that is he is trying to save us from.

These are really insane beliefs that are the result of the polarized perspectives - the "Us vs Them" fight for survival kind of reactions -  that are part of the black and white thinking of codependency.


"One of the core characteristics of this disease of Codependence is intellectual polarization - black and white thinking.  Rigid extremes - good or bad, right or wrong, love it or leave it, one or ten.  Codependence does not allow any gray area - only black and white extremes.


Life is not black and white.  Life involves the interplay of black and white.  In other words, the gray area is where life takes place.  A big part of the healing process is learning the numbers two through nine - recognizing that life is not black and white."


What I see is a bunch of wounded souls reacting our of their fear and shame programming.  The black and white perspective is the foundation of the blame them or blame me, victim of them or victim of my own shameful defectiveness, extremes that govern the dynamics of the disease of codependency.

What is happening is a country / world full of wounded codependents is reacting out of fight or flight survival instincts - and is seeing what is happening from a black and white perspective that causes us to see "Them" as the enemy. 


We are not each others enemy.  But the enemy is also not some secret Cabal / some Illuminati / some conspiracy of the New World Order.  The 1% that benefits from the rest of us fighting each other are just reacting to their codependent programming and inner child wounding - not some secret organized plan.

“It is our world leaders, reacting out of the fear and insecurity of their inner children, and the dysfunctional belief systems underlying civilization, who give us war and poverty, billionaires and homelessness." Inner Child Healing - Why do it?

“As I explain in my book Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls, planetary conditions caused human beings to develop a relationship with being human that was reversed to Love and Truth.  The reason this human experience is so screwed up is because humans have been doing life backwards - looking outside for Truth and Love, for validation, meaning, and purpose.  Outer dependence is dysfunctional.  It is the reason we do not know how to love our neighbors as our self - because we do not know how to Love our self.  It is the reason we have war and poverty, pollution and child abuse, rape and bigotry.  This world would be a much nicer place if everyone was working a twelve step program.” - The Miracle of The Twelve Step Recovery Process

Which doesn't mean that everyone in 12 step recovery is seeing things from a healthy perspective. There were a number of people who condemned my declaration because I shouldn't be saying anything that doesn't put "principles over personalities" - a 12 step concept that applies to meetings, and doesn't have anything to do with my freedom to speak my Truth.

“The underlining dynamic of codependency is black and white thinking.  Drinking or not drinking is a black and white issue.  Thus many recovering alcoholics can stop drinking while still empowering the black and white thinking of codependency. . . . . . Some of the most wounded codependents I know have 30 or 40 years sober and have never addressed their emotional issues - while justifying their rigidity as doing AA the "right" way.” - Inspiration from the Big Book of Alcoholic Anonymous


When we are seeing things in a black and white / polarized perspective, we are not seeing our self, life, or others clearly.

"In our codependence, we reacted to life out of a black and white, right and wrong, belief paradigm that taught us that is was shameful and bad to be wrong, to make mistakes, to be imperfect - to be human.  We formed our core relationship with our self and with life in early childhood based on the messages we got, the emotional trauma we suffered, and the role modeling of the adults around us.  As we grew up, we built our relationship with self, other people, and life on the foundation we formed in early childhood." - Inner Child Healing - How to begin

"We are transcendent Spiritual Beings who are part of the ONENESS that is the God-Force. We always have been and always will be. We are perfect in our Spiritual Essence. We are perfectly where we are supposed to be on our Spiritual Path. And from a human perspective we will never be able to do "human" perfectly - which is perfect.

We have been trying to do human perfect according to a false belief system in order to get Spiritual. It does not work. It's dysfunctional."

“Codependency is insidious because it is so pervasive. The core emotional belief that there is something wrong with who we are as beings affects all of the relationships in our life and keeps us from learning how to Truly Love. In a Codependent society value is assigned in comparison (richer than, prettier than, more spiritual than, healthier than, etc.) so that the only way to feel good about self is the judge and look down on others. Comparison serves the belief in separation which makes violence, homelessness, pollution, and billionaires possible. Love is about feeling connected in the scheme of things not separate.” - A Dance of Suffering, Shame, and Self-abuse  

"That shame is toxic and is not ours - it never was!  We did nothing to be ashamed of - we were just little kids.  Just as our parents were little kids when they were wounded and shamed, and their parents before them, etc., etc.  This is shame about being human that has been passed down from generation to generation.

There is no blame here, there are no bad guys, only wounded souls and broken hearts and scrambled minds."

In a codependent culture we are taught that self worth is a competitive issue - taught that our self definition and self worth depend on outer sources (people, places, and things,  money, property, and prestige, accomplishments, popularity, relationships) and external manifestations of our being (looks, talent, intelligence) - that we judge in comparison and competition with other people.  

The Truth in my understanding is that we are all inherently worthy and Lovable because we are connected the the ONENESS of everything - not because of anything temporary outside of us.

"We are not sinful, shameful human creatures who have to somehow earn Spirituality.  We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience."

We are all Magnificent Spiritual Beings.  That includes Donald Trump.  But he is also grievously wounded and is projecting onto us, and subjecting us to, the reactions to his own fears and insecurity - his own shame and guilt.  Except he is so grievously wounded, he is not capable of feeling shame or quilt on a personal level.  He is only capable of striking out at others.

In order to get healthier and learn how to have and set boundaries, I needed to learn to discern between objective observation and making value judgements about other people.  I needed to learn to separate being from behavior - and know that even though I had done some shameful things in my life, I was not a shameful being.

I need to observe the behavior of others in order to make choices / judgements about who I want to be around and who is toxic for me.  If someone is acting in ways that are abusive to me, then I need to set boundaries with them and hold them responsible for their behavior - even if they are powerless over that behavior because of their wounding and programming.

"We cannot begin to make progress in learning to Love ourselves until we start being kind to ourselves in healthy ways.  A very important part of being kind to ourselves is learning how to say no, and how to set, and be able to defend, boundaries. 

Unconditional Love does not mean being a doormat for other people - unconditional Love begins with Loving ourselves enough to protect ourselves from the people we Love if that is necessary."

“Recovery is not about blame, it is not about finding fault - the blaming and fault finding comes from the disease, the critical parent voice within.  In order to heal and get healthier, it is necessary to take responsibility for our side of the street - and hold others responsible for their behavior.” - Emotional Honesty and Emotional Responsibility


I need to learn to clean up my side of the street - the dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors caused by reacting out of my old tapes and old wounds - and start recognizing when other people were abusing me, so that I could start protecting my self in healthy ways.


"In order to stop giving the toxic shame so much power, I had to learn to detach from my own reactive process enough to start being able to see a boundary between being and behavior.  I had to stop judging myself and other people based on behavior.  I started to learn how to observe behavior without making judgments about myself and others. There is a huge difference between judgment in my definition and observation.  It is vital for me to observe other people's behavior in order to protect myself.  That does not mean I need to make a value judgment about their being based upon their behavior.

Judgment is saying, "that person is a jerk."  Observation is saying, "that person seems to be really full of anger and it would be better for me to not be involved with them."

"[When I use the term "judge," I am talking about making judgments about our own or other people's being based on behavior.  In other words, I did something bad therefore I am a bad person; I made a mistake therefore I am a mistake.  That is what toxic shame is all about:  feeling that something is wrong with our being, that we are somehow defective because we have human drives, human weaknesses, human imperfections.

There may be behavior in which we have engaged that we feel ashamed of but that does not make us shameful beings   We may need to make judgments about whether our behavior is healthy and appropriate but that does not mean that we have to judge our essential self, our being, because of the behavior.  Our behavior has been dictated by our disease, by our childhood wounds; it does not mean that we are bad or defective as beings.  It means that we are human, it means that we are wounded.

It is important to start setting a boundary between being and behavior.  All humans have equal Divine value as beings - no matter what our behavior.  Our behavior is learned (and/or reactive to physical or physiological conditions).  Behavior, and the attitudes that dictate behavior, are adopted defenses designed to allow us to survive in the Spiritually hostile, emotionally repressive, dysfunctional environments into which we were born.]"" - Setting Personal Boundaries - protecting self

So, if I said anywhere that Trump is evil, or is a monster, that would be a value judgement about his being - and that is not cool.  However his actions and behavior have been evil and monstrous, and it is my responsibility to speak up about what I see as abusive and destructive.  


So, to be real clear about what I am saying here, it is not cool for me to make a value judgement about someones being - i.e. "He's an asshole."  But it is not only okay, but necessary for us to learn to make objective observations and judgements about who we want to interact with based upon their behavior - "he seems to be really insecure and full of anger and blame, which causes him to act like the type of asshole I don't want around me or the people I love."  I.E. "He act like an asshole."



As I said above:

"Many things are up for debate these days.  But whether white supremacy has a place in our society is not among them.


“Agree to disagree” is reserved for things like “I don’t like coffee” or “camping is the best.”  Difference of opinion is for stuff like “I don’t like sushi” or “the t-shirt you are wearing.” 


Not racism, homophobia, and sexism.  Not human rights. Not basic human decency.  It is not just a difference of opinion, it is a difference in morality.”

I don't believe that all the people who are supporting Trump are immoral, or lack human decency.  I believe that they are blinded because they are reacting out of their codependency.

I do however, believe that anyone who accepts racism - "he is good for the economy, so that is more important than the fact that he is racist" - is in fact, a racist. Systemic racism is so powerful and ingrained in our culture, that many white people can't see it.  That is only possible if someone is incapable of feeling empathy - cannot put themselves in another's shoes, or is willfully ignorant and in denial.  If you don't understand why #blacklivesmatter - then you are racist.

I believe, that as I said above, some people are trauma bonded because they had a narcissistic parent or significant other that they have not gotten enough recovery to be able to let go of yet.  They are reacting to the familiar feeling he gives them from their childhood.

I believe that there is a significant number of people who have been feeling powerless for a long time.  They have felt that they were not a part of - not being treated with respect - and were being denied the American Dream (which is an illusion of course).  I think that this significant minority has felt like they don't have a voice, like they were muzzled by the concept of "political correctness" - and that were insignificant in the American scheme of things.  They have felt like the America they thought was great in childhood, has changed and left them behind.

Along came Donald Trump - the outsider.  They embraced having a champion who they thought was going to make America Great again.  They loved it that he was going to "clean the swamp" in Washington.  They loved that someone was standing up for them.  They loved that someone was standing up to the "liberals" that were looking down on them because they weren't cool, or politically correct.

Unfortunately, Trump actually despises the people that support him. He is a conman running a con - and he loves stirring up the "suckers and pigeons."  He took the swamp and poured toxic waste into it.  Never have so many inappropriate people been put in charge of institutions that are conflicts of interests with their capitalistic greed.

From his first day in office Trump started with the lies.  The whole concept of "Fake news" was part of his spiel from the beginning. 

The internet is a great resource, but it also has enabled the real conspiracies by the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, and far right wing conservatives like Rupert Murdock and the Kroc brothers.  The Russians interfered with the 2016 election in a major way.  They flooded the internet with misinformation and outright lies.  Here is meme I got off of Facebook recently, and on it the person who posted it added her own interpretation of what is going on.  I think it is very accurate.


Just this week, the local newspaper in San Luis Obispo ran this story about the type of propaganda that the Russians and billionaire conservatives have been running for years - with a new twist, fake newspapers.

Fake Newspapers.png

New type of Conservative

The modern day version of the Republican Party started with Ronald Reagan.  Reagan's changes in the way mental illness was treated in first California, and later in the whole country, is a huge part of why there are so many homeless people in the country.  It is also tied in with how often police use violence to deal with mentally ill people.

My grandfather was a Republican politician in Nebraska.  He was a long time Lieutenant Governor - and for a short time Governor of the state.  He was a candidate for Governor in 1964.  He was a good and honorable man who would be appalled by what the Republican party has become.


Here is a link to the above article: Ronald Reagan’s shameful legacy: Violence, the homeless, mental illness

Reagan - and the Republican Party as it evolved after him - also had a huge part to play in creating the 1% class of millionaires and billionaires - and the destruction of the middle class in the US.


Republican Conspiracy

There has been a Republican conspiracy to take power in the country, that begin with Reagan - and later was continued by the "Tea Party" - and culminates in our times with the soulless, reptilian behavior of Mitch McConnell.  And with immoral, spineless sycophants like Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz.



[ˈsikəˌfant, ˈsikəfənt]


sycophants (plural noun)

  1. a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.


    toady · creep · crawler · fawner · flatterer · flunkey · truckler · groveler · doormat · lickspittle · kowtower · obsequious person · minion · hanger-on · leech · puppet · spaniel · Uriah Heep · bootlicker · yes-man · brown-nose · suck-up

I am not going to go into that further at this time, but just want to say that the politicians mentioned are also Spiritual Beings that are connected to the ONENESS of ALL THAT IS.  The are also very wounded codependents who are obviously to me, not old souls.

I want to inject here, that for me - and probably for a lot of people reading this - money was a symbol of the Love we yearned for, we felt deprived of.   That doesn't mean that people with a lot of money are open to receive Love - or are doing something right that we are doing wrong.   Financial abundance issues are very much tied in with Karma.  Basically, people either have Karmic issues around money or they don't.  If they don't then money flows into their life easily.  Often this means that people with lots of money are not old souls.  Many of them are creating negative money Karma in this lifetime that they will have to pay in another.  Some of them are old souls who have settled their money Karma prior to this lifetime - or will in their next lifetime.


"The term "old-soul" refers to the stage of consciousness evolution an individual has attained by this lifetime - it does not mean better than, or farther along than, those who do not have to do the healing. There is no hierarchy in the Truth of a Loving Great Spirit - those who appear to have low, or no, consciousness in this lifetime are simply doing their healing in another space-time illusion parallel to this one. All old-souls are born at a heart-chakra level of consciousness and therefore have more sensitivity, and less capacity for denial, than other people. In other words, the gift of having access to Truth and Love carries with it the price of greatly increased emotional sensitivity." - Jesus & Christ Consciousness

It can be much easier in our capitalistic society to make a lot of money, if one is not heart connected.  It is much harder often, to achieve a Spiritual Awakening if one has a lot of money to distract them and make them feel in control.  And it can be a huge challenge for any old soul involved in the healing process to maintain balance once they start achieving financial abundance.” - Joy to You & Me and Joy2MeU Newsletter 10-20-00 Part 2

Those of us who are old souls have been seeking for years because our Spirit's have compelled us to seek.  It is helpful to realize that the majority of the people on the planet are not old souls - and they don't know what we are talking about.  They are still living in the Matrix and don't even know there is a Matrix.  It was real important for me to stop wasting a lot of time trying to communicate with people who can't hear me - who can't see me for who I Truly AM.  

I am going to do a short section about Codependence as the Human Condition - to give you all an idea of how 2020 fits into the Cosmic Scheme of things - and then will follow up with a longer article about the Metaphysical and Mystical aspects of all this at another time.  I want to get this published before the election - even though I am pretty sure it will not change anyone's mind.  No old soul could possibly vote for Donald Trump, in my opinion - unless they were really engaging in some delusional rationalizations. I am really writing this to help the old souls out there, have a little better idea of what the bigger picture looks like - to not despair and give up hope and faith.

And by the way, Biden is not a socialist or a communist - and it is really ridiculous that people are saying that voting for the Democrats will make our country either one.  Bernie Sanders identified as a Democratic Socialist - which is not anything like the communism of Cuba or Russia or wherever - and Biden beat him.  Biden may not be your first choice, or even your tenth, but he is a ton better than Trump.  Biden is not a sociopathic narcissist.  I personally, really don't want to have to live through another 4 years of Donald Trump and his minions.

Below is a meme about different types of socialism - I never heard of Republican socialism before, but it is an accurate description of what we have in this country now.


The Human Condition

When I talk about how old souls were born at a heart chakra level of consciousness, I am utilizing a perspective for looking at the 

evolution of consciousness in relationship to the chakras.  The heart chakra is the 4th chakra, and anyone who has evolved to the level of the heart chakra is strongly connected to the heart.  They relate to the world from their heart with empathy and compassion. 


In our codependency we could have compassion for everyone else in the world, we didn't know how to have compassion for our self - and in recovery we need to learn to have boundaries as part of being loving to our self.  In relationship to the evolution of consciousness, the goal is to be heart centered and be able to relate to all of the other chakra levels in balance and harmony. 


Here is a description of the Solar Plexus - the third chakra.


“The Third, or solar plexus, chakra located between the navel and the solar plexus, is about manifesting and receiving.  It is through the solar plexus that Love and validation can be taken in by someone who has the ability to receive – or in someone who is taught to feel responsible for the feelings of others, can be the conduit through which we can suck up the feelings of others.  It is also through the solar plexus that we can own the power to manifest – or if not aligned with the heart and Spiritual intention can often translate into power, mastery, and control.  The perspective from solar plexus chakra consciousness can produce great manifestation.  It can also focus on ego-gratification through an insatiable will to conquer, plunder, and subjugate.  The name of the game from the third chakra perspective is power, and the exercise of power on the physical level.  The third chakra perspective can be aligned with Spiritual purpose in order to produce manifestation on a physical level (including “miracles”), but from an exclusively third chakra perspective Spirituality has no place in the “real” world.  One of the reasons that Western religion has been so distorted is because of taking a third chakra perspective – i.e. using religion as a tool for exercising and maintaining power.


Anyone coming from an unenlightened, out-of-balance third chakra perspective believes totally in the Illusion.  In other words, what you own, how much control you appear to have, how much power you can exercise on a physical level, are the only real indicators of worth.  A good example of this perspective is the bumper sticker which says “The one who dies with the most toys wins.”  Win-lose, success-failure, are the parameters within which the third chakra person (or country, or whatever) operates.  Wealth is a tool in the power game to these individuals. Most of Western civilization is, and has been, stuck in a third chakra perspective.  Part of the reason for this being stuck, is that the transition up the levels of consciousness for much of the West skipped the second chakra level.  Because sexuality has been so repressed in the West, the healing and balancing of the second chakra has not been accomplished.  This results in repressed sexual energy being funneled into a third chakra perspective – and the needs of the second chakra level being viewed from the perspective of the third chakra.  This later type of imbalance, causes sex to be related to from a perspective of power and control that has little to do with real pleasure. . . . .


. . . . The third chakra perspective also enhances the imbalance between masculine / manifestation and feminine / Spirituality because of it's focus is only on masculine manifestation.  Thus the Feminist movement, rather than bringing about masculine-feminine balance – which was the True impetus of the movement – has instead led in many cases, to more women adapting a third chakra perspective.  The problem is in the perspective, the values, of the belief system that is the foundation of society.  Equality in a system that is Spiritually bankrupt, heart deprived, emotionally repressive and dishonest, is a goal that often leads to women giving up their heart connection in order to compete with men who have never been heart connected in a social system that does not honor the heart.” - Chakra Levels of Consiousness


So, anyone who is stuck in an out of balance, unenlightened third chakra perspective - who is reacting to their dysfunctional programming and inner child wounds - will be focused on power without any capacity for empathy.  The Republican party and Donald Trump see what is going on as a zero sum game with winners and losers - and they are focused on winning in their definition of what winning means.  That doesn't mean that Democrats aren't focused on power also, but at least many Democrats have a capacity for compassion and empathy - and others of them at least know they need to act like they have empathy.


Everything that is happening is a result of codependency - and even any conspiracies that actually exist, are caused by the codependent thinking.  Codependency has dictated the course of human evolution.  It was in working my recovery program and trying to find a way to live that worked for me, that I discovered what I believe to be the Truth - that Codependence is the Human Condition as we have inherited it.


"In reading the latest books and attending workshops, I could see a pattern emerging in the expansion of the terms "Codependent" and "Adult Child." I realized that these terms were describing the same phenomenon.


I was troubled, however, by the fact that every book I read, and every expert with whom I came into contact defined "Codependence" differently.  I began to try to discover, for my own personal benefit, one all-encompassing definition.


This search led me to examine the phenomenon in an increasingly larger context. I began to look at the dysfunctional nature of society, and then expanded farther into looking at other societies. And finally to the human condition itself. The result of that examination is this book: Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls, A Cosmic Perspective on Codependence and the Human Condition.” -  Author's Foreword from Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls


As is often the case, when one looks at something from a larger perspective - it becomes easier to see how it all fits together, and to realize that there is really a simple answer.  The simple answer that I found, is that humans have been doing human life backwards.


"What I am going to share with you now is a simple formula that I believe helps to explain this incredibly complex phenomena. It is simple, elementary, fundamental, and the cause of the human condition as I understand it. 


The cause of Codependence, the cause of the dysfunction that exists in the human experience, is that humans (due to certain planetary conditions which will be discussed later) have been perceiving, and doing, "human" backwards. We have been reversed in our perspective and in our interactive dynamics - our relationship - with this human life experience. The world is a mess today because we have been perceiving this human business backwards. 


This "reversity" begins with the basic premise of who we are as beings. We are not weak, sinful, shameful human creatures who have to somehow earn the right to become Spiritual. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. That is a 180- degree swing in perspective. It changes everything! 


As John Lennon said, "Imagine." Imagine a world based upon this knowledge. 


The belief that there is something inherently wrong or shameful about being human is all- pervasive in human civilized society. It is woven into the fabric of civilized societies around the world. 


There is nothing shameful or bad about being human! 


We are NOT being punished for something some dude did in a Garden thousands of years ago!!!"


I believe that the story of the Garden of Eden is something that was made up to describe what was already going on for the evolving human species - the scapegoating of women.


"It is somehow appropriate - in a sick, twisted, kind of way - that Earth Day and Mother's Day are so close together.  Civilized society has been raping our mother Earth for as long as it has had the technology to do so.  Women have been raped, not just physically by men, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually by the belief systems of "civilization" (both Western and Eastern) since the dawn of recorded history.


Those belief systems were the effect of planetary conditions which caused the Spiritual beings in human body to have a perspective of life, and therefore a  relationship with life, that was polarized and reversed.   This reversed, black and white, perspective of life caused humans to develop beliefs about the nature and purpose of life that were irrational, insane, and just plain stupid.


As just one small but significant example of this stupid, insane belief system, and the effect it had on determining the course of human development - including the scapegoating of women, consider the myth of Adam and Eve.  'Poor' Adam, who was just being a man (that is, he just wants to get in Eve's pants) does what Eve wants him to and eats the apple.  So Eve gets the blame for Adam not having boundaries. Now is that stupid or what? And you wondered where Codependence started.” - Mother's Day


And of course to this day "conservatives" are still scapegoating woman for men's behavior - and trying to control women's bodies.


So, humans have been doing human backwards for thousands of years.  Part of the good news that I announced in my book, was that the conditions on the planet had changed.


""The conditions on the planet have changed! That is the Joyous news that I have to share with you. The dance is changing. Since before the dawn of recorded history, the dance of life for humans has been primarily one of survival, of endurance, of suffering.


We have now entered a very special time in human history. An Age of Healing and Joy has dawned in human consciousness on this planet. We now have tools, knowledge, and most importantly, clearer access to healing energy and Spiritual guidance than has ever before been available in recorded human history on this planet.


The dance is changing. A Transformational Healing Process has begun on planet Earth. We have begun the process of breaking out of the vicious, self-perpetuating cycles of destructive behavior that humans have been trapped in for thousands of years. The destructive dance is changing into a dance of healing."

(Text in this color is used for quotes from Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls)


This is a new age - in my belief and understanding.  A fundamental change took place in planetary conditions in the late 1980s that allowed greater, and clearer, access to Spiritual Truth to individual human beings.  Since then the so called "New Age Movement" - which really started in the late 19th Century and accelerated during the 1960s - has exploded into public consciousness because so many people are accessing higher Truth.


In my book Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls, I use principles of Quantum Physics and Molecular Biology to try to communicate some understanding of the planetary conditions that have dictated human evolution and caused the Human Condition as we inherited it - and to try to explain how those planetary condition have changed, why this is a new age.  I mention that the knowledge and tools to help humans return to alignment with the Truth of Love and ONENESS have been manifesting into human consciousness in a process that has evolved over time, and at accelerated over the last 50 to 100 years.  This accelerating process brought the energy field of Collective Human Emotional Consciousness to a point of critical mass in the late 80s so that this shift could occur in perfect alignment with Divine Plan. 


Millions of "old souls" on the planet are remembering that the Ultimate Truth of Love and ONENESS.  The change in planetary conditions has made possible greater access to higher vibrational consciousness for more people.


"The planetary conditions that blocked humans from accessing Christ Consciousness - the vibrational Knowing of the Truth of ONENESS - were in place for tens of thousands of years.  Conditions have now changed!  We have entered a new time, an Age of Healing & Joy has dawned in Human Consciousness on the planet.   All of the "old-souls" involved in healing in this time have the capacity to access the Truth of ONENESS and Love through their inner channel.


(The term "old-soul" refers to the stage of consciousness evolution an individual has attained by this lifetime - it does not mean better than, or farther along than, those who do not have to do the healing.  There is no hierarchy in the Truth of a Loving Great Spirit - those who appear to have low, or no, consciousness in this lifetime are simply doing their healing in another space-time illusion parallel to this one.  All old-souls are born at a heart-chakra level of consciousness and therefore have more sensitivity, and less capacity for denial, than other people.  In other words, the gift of having access to Truth and Love carries with it the price of greatly increased emotional sensitivity.)


Due to the planetary conditions, the human ego developed a belief in separation - which is what made violence possible and caused the human condition as we inherited it.  The reflection of that human condition on the individual level is the disease of Codependence.  Codependence is caused by the ego being traumatized and programed in early childhood so that our relationship with ourselves and the God-Force is dysfunctional - that is, it does not work to help us access the Truth of ONENESS and Love.  It is through healing our relationship with ourselves that we open our inner channel and start tuning into the Truth." - Jesus & Christ Consciousness


"We all have available to us - within - a direct channel to the Highest Vibrational Frequency Range within The Illusion. That highest range involves consciousness of the Glory of ONENESS. It is called Cosmic Consciousness. It is called Christ Consciousness.'" - Codependency Recovery: Wounded Souls Dancing in the Light Book 2: A Dysfunctional Relationship with Life Chapter 12: Codependency in New Age Movement


I actually believe that this change in the late 80s, was the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.


"In this rediscovered piece of work, it is explained that it takes 2,160 years for the Spring Equinox to move through the zodiac wheel from one sign to the next - thus an age associated with a specific astrological sign lasts for 2,160 years.  We have just passed from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.  (There is no consensus among astrologers on when the the passage from Pisces to Aquarius actually takes place.  Some say it already has, some say it will on various dates in the coming years.  I believe the age of Aquarius began in the late 1980s.)


These next two paragraphs are what I wanted to share in this article.  I find them very interesting in relationship to the Transformational Healing process I see happening on the planet.


"One essential premise of the Piscean religions is that human beings are inherently flawed by an original sin, and so sinful and corrupt in nature that they cannot be improved, much less "saved" without the active intervention of God, who either sends his Son to atone for the sins of all humankind, or communicates through His Prophet the way of Submission (the literal meaning of Islam) in which His people are expected to live.  At best, the more virtuous human beings may become a congregation, literally a flock of sheep to be protected and led by a pastor, or shepherd.


As the energy of Pisces is magnetic, charismatic and enchanting, the energy of Aquarius is electric, attractive and exciting, Thus the spirituality of the Aquarian paradigm will emphasize relationships of friendship and equality rather than hierarchies; individual development and empowerment over obedience, and spiritual action in very large-scale events spanning much of the globe through electronic communications."


Does the last part of this last sentence sound like the internet or what?” - A Higher Power of my own understanding


The reason for the Masculine Feminine imbalance in the evolution of humanity, is the polarized perspective caused humans to see yin and yang as opposing forces instead of one dynamic.  It is polarity that caused the original wound and dictated the course of human evolution.



"At the core of the disease of codependence is black and white thinking.   It is a symptom of the Human Dilemma.  Polarized thinking was, in fact, the cause of the Human Dilemma.

The energy field of Collective Human Emotional Consciousness on this planet was reversed in relationship to the Truth of the God-Force because of the polarization of the energy field of Collective Human Intellectual Consciousness.


The Lower Mind.

Polarization, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, caused humans to see life, both externally and internally, as a battle of warring polar opposites:  black and white thinking.

(Quotes in this color are from Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls)


The energy field of Collective Human Emotional Consciousness is no longer reversed to the Truth of Love.   That is why this is a New Age.  It is why it is possible for us to Awaken Spiritually and do the emotional healing.  A Transformational Healing Process has begun on the planet Earth.

The Lower Mind - the energy field of Collective Human Intellectual Consciousness - is however, still polarized." - Newsletter part 2 May 2001 Update

Planetary Cleansing


And what is happening now is a planetary cleansing.  When going through a cleansing, often the poison has to come to the surface.  That is what happening in the world in the crazy year of 2020 - polarity has been forced to the surface.  It has been manifesting all over the planet.


I found this on Facebook last fall - and posted about it, and how it showed that we were going through a cleansing.

November 12, 2016, The Great Council of the Grandmothers. 


“You have elected, not a man, but a “moy” to lead you . He is a boy in an old man’s body. Moys are a combination of man and boy, but mostly boy. They are large and have loud voices so people mistake them for men, but they are not men. A man thinks of the common good while a moy has not learned to think of anyone but himself. He has not fully developed and is still a child. . . . . . 


. . . . . “Your country has just elected a moy to be its next president. Russia as well as Syria are already run by moys, while Africa is overrun by them, each moy creating havoc in his area of that continent. The Philippines is run by a moy and so are several other countries. Is it any wonder that the world is lurching from crisis to crisis?”  - November 12, 2016, The Great Council of the Grandmothers

Since that time, England, Brazil, and other places have put moys in power.  What is happening on the planet these days is a planetary cleansing.  As a result of this cleansing, the poison has come to the surface.  The poison is Polarization which is what caused the Illusion of separation that created the Human Condition as we have inherited it.

The polarization of the Lower Mind caused the connection to the Higher Mind to be weakened. It caused static and distortion to disrupt the channel between human self and Spiritual Self. 

This polarization created the illusion of disconnection, of separation. It caused the Spiritual Beings who were in human body at the time to start focusing on the external reality of the illusion so much that they did not even notice that they were losing their connection to the God-Force. They eventually forgot that they were connected to the God-Force and began to believe that they were individual human beings who existed as entities separate from an external Source. They forgot that the power that they had access to came from the Spirit and not just from themselves. Eventually, (after The Flood) they would even come to believe that they had the power to cause separation - that they were powerful enough to have done something so bad that God would abandon and punish them. 

The Truth is that we are powerless to separate from the God-Force because separation is an illusion. Free will is an illusion on the highest level. No being has the power to separate from the ONENESS of God. 

It is necessary and healthy to take responsibility for our choices, to accept our consequences, and to try to make healthy decisions on a human level. Integration and balance involves a process of learning to accept healthy responsibility on a human level at the same time that we know we are being guided by a Loving Spiritual Force. 

The Force is with us!

It does not mean we can sit back and do nothing. It also does not mean we have to do everything. Either way is out of balance. We have to plant the seeds, and nurture the garden. It is in the growth that the miracle occurs. Whether or not the seed becomes a rose is in the Great Spirit's hands. We are powerless to turn a seed into a rose without the Goddess. 

We are powerless out of human ego-self over this life business. We have access to all of the power in the Universe out of our Spiritual Self - out of our Spiritual connection to Higher Consciousness. 

As a direct result of polarization, the energy field of Collective Human Emotional Consciousness on the planet - which was then in positive alignment with Truth - started to become polluted with negative energy. The human race increasingly manifested behavior that was in opposition, was reversed, to the Truth of Love - until that energy field of emotional consciousness reached critical mass in relationship to Truth, and reversed from a polarity that was in positive alignment with the Truth of the God-Force to a polarity that was negative, that was reversed. 

I stated earlier that Codependence was a new name for the tune that we have been dancing to. What it used to be called was the war between good and evil. 

Evil is the negative polarity. It is that which is reversed to the Truth of the Goddess. It is doing life backwards. 

The word evil is live spelled backwards. 

There are no accidents, no coincidences.

Evil is an illusion. Maya is a Hindu word that means both illusion and evil. Evil only exists within The Illusion. Evil always was an illusion within The Illusion. 

A war between God and the forces of evil is a ridiculous concept. War is evil: It is reversed to the Truth of Love. How could a good God engage in evil, reversed activity, to fight evil which is the illusionary effect of "reversity"?! 

Why would an all-powerful Creative Source need to fight anything? It is a ridiculous concept that only had power because the human perspective on life was polarized and reversed."

So what is happening in the world today is a planetary cleansing.  It is a perfect part of the Divine Plan.  I don't know what the Divine Plan could possibly be at this point.  God works in mysterious ways.  I often think that my Higher Power is messing with me, but this whole 2020 thing is way beyond some amusing twists and turns.  I have no idea what is to come.

The thing that happened to me in 1988 involved an energetic attack on my being by what felt like forces of evil.  I was using essential oils to protect me as I had been taught in a group I was involved with in Sedona Arizona.  This attack involved what I had been told were Luciferic and Satanic forces and continued from 8/8/88 to 8/14/88.  I was able to stop the attack at about 4 am on the morning of the 14th when I really got it on a gut level that evil is an illusion within the Illusion - and that the worst any evil force could do to me, was to kill me.  Then I would be free from this human boarding school and able to go Home.  I stepped into the shower to wash off all the essential oils - since I Truly don't need any outside protection - and then sat down in the bathtub to let my inner children play with some bath toys I had gotten for them.  I said something to the effect of, kill me if you want evil but you can never touch who I really AM.  And the attack ended.

I have great faith in the Divine Plan today.  Even though I don't understand it most of the time, and even though it is sometimes very scary - even terrifying at times - I know that it will be okay, and I will be okay in the long run.  I know that even if what I think is the worst possible outcome does happen, that I will be okay.

“When I go out of town on a trip now (even if it is just 20 miles south to the next bigger town for something not available in my little town), I send up a little prayer asking my Higher Power for a safe and successful trip.  I ask that with the understanding, that though my definition of successful trip is one in which I get back home without any unpleasant surprises - like a breakdown - my Higher Power's idea of successful that day may very well include a breakdown.  I hope and ask for the best and am willing to accept - what to my human perspective looks like - the worst." -  Joy2MeU Update Newsletter: Part 2  -   January 2002


So the worst would be for Trump to get reelected - to have that many people vote for him and subject us to another 4 years of his insanity.  I am taking the action I can to try to keep that from happening - but ultimately it is something that I don't have control over.  So, I will need to take control of what I do have some control over - my attitude towards the things I can't control - and accept reality as it is so that I can own my choices to take care of myself given the reality I am being presented with.  I pray to God/Goddess/Great Spirit that the reality that will unfold in the coming days will include Trump being defeated so decisively that there is no possibility of him stealing or invalidating the election.


So, anyone who resonates with my work enough to have read this whole article. of free PDF copy of  Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls "A Cosmic Perspective on Codependence and the Human Condition" that you can share with anyone that you think might resonate with it also.  Just end me your email address to and I will send it to you:

With wishes of Joy & Love & Peace 2 U & Me ~ Robert Burney 11-2-20

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