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July 4th 2023 - Update

On May 4th I went to the Emergency Room at a local hospital because of the severe pain I had been experiencing for several weeks.  On April 27th I posted a page on which I asked for help: Working the Third Step ~ ASKing for Help - in which I explained what was going on with me medically and financially.

Robert Burney 7-8-23

What I have been going through has definitely been traumatic. I don't like feeling crippled. I don't like the chronic pain. Today my knee is all messed up again. - Rb 7-8-23

When I posted my page asking for help and sharing what I was going through medically - it included this paragraph:

“During the night - or rather early Monday morning I had gotten up 3 different times and sat on the edge of the bed for a half hour each time trying to stand. At 4 am I woke up and told myself, “stand up just like it’s the normal thing to do.” And I did. When standing up is so scary and doesn’t feel normal any more - that is scary.”

Last night, my hands were so messed up that I couldn’t open a bottle of water - even using a pair of pliers that I have been opening them with lately. No leverage at all.

Last night my night knee started hurting - and today I am in excruciating pain when I try to stand, and when I walk. I am so tired of this. When you are in pain it becomes your whole world. - Robert 6-16-23

Robert Burney is feeling grateful. 6/30/23 

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So it has been a pretty good week. Only mild discomfort in my hands - no intense pain anywhere. I am kind of holding my breath wondering when and where it will show up next. I just paid my rent for July thanks to the support of Eskimos and Angels out there - thank you, thank you, thank you. Don't know what is coming next month. More will be revealed. Grateful to be up and walking around this week. Have been light headed in the mornings, so really helps that Darien is here to drive me around. Again, don't know what the future holds and don't need to. Will just focus on being present today.

Robert Burney 6/22/23

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Hi everyone - thanks for the support and prayers and good wishes! Yesterday evening I was able to stand without help for the first time since last Friday!!! Major progress!!! My hands hurt like hell this morning and make it really hard to type - but major major progress!


Robert Burney  6/20/23

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Spent 7 hours in the hospital today. Having financial stress and medical issues at the same time is not fun.

I am still asking for help - have gotten rent and bills paid up until this point on the 20th of June, but need more help in the coming weeks with Rent and all. If the spirit moves you to send me some love, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Working the Third Step ~ ASKing for Help

Anyone who is familiar with me and my writing will not be surprised to hear that the third part of this web article got really long. It is the History of my work/book and ASKing for help - a history of how Eskimos and Angels helped me to keep my book in print and my website going.

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