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“My goal in working with people is to empower them to be in-dependent. To teach people how to have internal boundaries so that they can separate the messages coming from the old tapes and old wounds from the messages of intuitive Truth from their Spirit - so that they can start learning how to relax and trust their Spirit to guide them. . . . The telephone counseling has proven a wonderful venue for being able to help individuals to see where they are at on their own personal path with some clarity and compassion - from people who are just starting recovery to people who have been on a healing, recovery, spiritual path for many years.” - Robert Burney


Temporary Special Offer for telephone / Skype / Zoom counseling

Special offers for Life Changing Telephone Counseling with Robert Burney.

"In 2010 I worked with Robert and it was one of the best investments I ever made in myself...truly changed my life!"

"I just wanted to say that Robert is an amazing counselor, and he knows how to truly listen, which is a gift very very few people possess. His phone counseling is life changing and worth far more than he charges."

"With Robert's teachings, my life opened up in ways I never thought possible."

"Thanks again for all your guidance, it really has changed my life in a very significant way.  I am very grateful our paths have crossed."

"Robert, the positive impact of your work and counseling has had immeasurable impact on me."

"You are a life changing signpost  and I am very greatful to have come across your website and received the most wonderful counseling from you."


Special Offers
Special offer for one 45 minute Telephone Counseling sessions $50.00



Two 45 minute sessions $95.00

Three 45 minute sessions for $135.00 

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